Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Gwamnan ya yi amfani da wasu kalmomi

Sannan ya yi kira ga magoya bayansa da su askewa sanatocin gashin kansu da gemunsu domin a cewarsa “ba sa kaunar jihar.”

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Another good source for reading and listening to Hausa is the Hausa section of Voice of America (Muryar Amurka). VoA produces radio programmes in 44 languages and TV programmes in 24 languages.
A very useful feature is the sitemap (Abubuwan Dake Wannan Dandali ). Here, you can pick the topics (Fannoni Dabam-dabam) you want to read about, e.g. education (ilmi) or politics (siyasa). Or else, you can just use the menu to find your way.
Unfortunately, the Hausa “hooked letters” are not marked as such.
Many of the news stories can be downloaded as MP3 files here.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Press release: About Cezars Entertainment

Cezars Entertainment is a Visionary and Purpose Driven Enigma, who believes anything can be achieved as long as you put your heart to it.

The President and CEO of Cezars Entertainment, an Events and Talent Management Services rendering Brand, that operates within the Creative Industry.

Founded in April 2017, after his return from Accra Ghana, Christopher Juwah a.k.a Jaffa operates with the believe that Music and Art is a Language that transcends beyond Boundaries and has the ability to Unite people of different kind together. For inquiries, sponsorship and partnerships, reach Cezars Entertainment at:

I.G- @Cezarentertainment

Monday, April 30, 2018

Best Hausa posts from last week.

By Hausa

Hamshakin attajiri kuma shugaban rukunin kamfanonin Dangote Alhaji Aliko Dangote, ya bayyana aniyarsa ta kashe miliyoyin Dala wajen gina masana’antar sarrafa tumatur da shinkafa a jihar Katsina.

Ba ni na sayar da M.Salah ba – Mourinho

Jose Mourinho ya ce ba shi ya yanke shawarar sayar da dan wasan gaban Masar, Mohamed Salah ba, a lokacin da yake kocin kungiyar kwallon kafa ta Chelsea.

Monday, April 2, 2018

This charger can charge any smartphone wirelessly without needing to plug in.


How does it work then if there’s no induction?

Using their own patented conductive technology, Daniel, Timothee both hardware engineers, and Matthieu an industrial designer teamed up together to build a next generation wireless charger that works when you plug a thin adhesive sticker to the back of the device(s), each sticker having 2 conductive dots that connect to the devices’ battery.


Friday, March 30, 2018

Best posts of Febuary 2018

Here is a round up of all the best stories we read in the month of February. We're sure you'll love them too:

Here are my favorite blog posts of the month of March.

Hello people. March is ending tomorrow and I thought we'd give you a round up of all the blog posts we loved this month from different places. Here they are for your reading pleasure:

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Shielding Her

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Today I returned home a bit deflated and I'll tell you why but first, let's get to the beginning....

I had spotted her just once enough to know that I wanted her. Turned out her mother had a shop near where I first spotted her, and my dad patronized them now and then.

Her name was "Mulkat" (I think) but she let me call her "Kat".

After about 2 weeks of simply saying "hi", I mustered the courage to go talk to Kat (after making sure her mum had gone home).

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My gosh. We talked and talked as if we'd known each other for ages. I walked her home and she showed me her house. We ended the night with a handshake (typical).

I couldn't get her out of my head all weekend. My mind subconsciously cooked up scenarios of me and her chatting - what I'll say and what she'll say.

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So imagine my shock when I came to see her today and realized that her stupid shop neighbor, on woman (who is probably close to her mother) ratted her out the first day and was threatening to do so again once she saw me pull up.

Kat said I couldn't come to the shop again for like atleast 2 weeks. I was stunned!

She didn't have a phone, I couldn't come to her shop and I well as hell couldn't come to her house (I dey craze?). Where did that leave me? This was only the start of something beautiful and see bad belle people just after one day!

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She eventually gave me a small window, Her facebook name. She didn't have a phone but that was better than nothing, right?

She wanted to know where I lived. I told her, teased if she wanted to visit and she replied she didn't have time. (she never did anything asides come to stay in her mum's shop all day while she waited for waec.

This situation, this exact situation was what I got myself into with another high girl (ss2) back at Ikola. Since she had no phone, It ultimately couldnt workout (even though I got through to first base).

What can I say? What can I do? This is the problem with girls in this phase of life, caged by their parents' rules, only took break free and wild once they hit the campus Gates.

What's the way forward for me?

I simply hope she contacts me on facebook. From there, I'll be able to control her to meet-up where ever.

But ultimately, it's not something I can put my mind on, let alone my heart (which I don't have).

But then again you can't blame those parents for shielding their daughters so, not that their fears won't come to pass eventually (because once they hit university, it will), but because of what I will do to their daughters.

By Richard Juwah

Gwamnan ya yi amfani da wasu kalmomi

Sannan ya yi kira ga magoya bayansa da su askewa sanatocin gashin kansu da gemunsu domin a cewarsa “ba sa kaunar jihar.”